Stay connected with your student

Your relationship may change when your student enters college, but your influence, support and guidance is as important as ever. It’s important that you talk with your student before they come to the university and keep talking with them while they’re here.

Knowing campus resources and common issues students face can help prepare you for what’s ahead. And when in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out. Faculty and staff are here to help.

Caring for mental health

It’s common for academic stressors in combination with life events to cause mental health issues to surface during college. That’s why the university offers numerous resources to help students.

  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    Professionals can help your student explore their feelings and thoughts and learn helpful ways to improve their mental, psychological and emotional well-being when issues arise. CAPS offers same-day initial evaluations and is available 24/7 for on-call crisis support.
  • Counselors-in-Residence
    Conveniently located in the residence halls, these counselors are second-year graduate students in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Students can email to schedule one-on-one appointments or drop-in consultations. Counselors can meet with any student, no matter where they reside on or off campus.
  • Well-being Ambassadors
    Trained peers who serve as Well-being Ambassadors can help students feel supported through peer listening sessions. The ambassador will help them figure out what they want and need at this phase in their life.
  • Student Advocacy & Support
    For students experiencing personal hardships and health-related concerns or emergencies, Student Advocacy and Support can help coordinate individualized support, case management and medical withdrawal when necessary.

View additional mental health resources

  • Talking about alcohol

    You can help your student during their transition by communicating expectations that encourage them to make smart choices.

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  • Safety

    UNL is committed to creating a culture of safety. View various policies, procedures, guides and trainings available.

  • Money Bag
  • Financial Well-being

    Students can access online resources or schedule to talk with a Financial Well-being Ambassador to address concerns.